About The Poetry…

If you click on the big word “Poetry” to the right, you will find yourself
browsing a collection of my more artistic writings.

Many of my poems were written based on prompts given by some very
wonderful writers on several different Twitter writing accounts that I
have come to know and love dearly for their invaluable contributions
and inspiration to the Twitter writing community. Some of my poetry
has been inspired by found images* discovered whilst randomly searching
through Google for an image* to accompany another poem.

Some are short, some are not.
Some rhyme, some don’t.
Some are bright and lighthearted.
Some are dark and twisted.
All have within them pieces of my soul.

Please tread these paths gently.
*Disclaimer: The images used with my poems, unless otherwise specified, were all found on the internet through Google Search and where the owner of the image was available, I have included their name with the image. I continue to update my pages when I can and if you should find an unaccredited image that you recognize or know the owner of, please let me know so that I can amend my post to give them the proper credit they so deserve for their amazing and wonderful images that have inspired my words.


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