Happy New Year! :D

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!
Not that it makes a difference that it’s Monday. It a day like any other day. Except that today it’s the second day in a new year for me! People think that since January 1 is the start of the year, that’s when they celebrate and make their resolutions and plans but it’s actually only the start of a new year for a fraction of the number of people who celebrate it.

You see, it’s the day of your birth that is the day you start your new year. Your birthday is your New Year’s Day. Mine was yesterday. It’s really on your birthday that you are beginning another year in your life. Not on January 1st, unless that happens to be your birthday of course. It’s on the day of birth that you started life in this world (not necessarily ‘living’ since you’re already 9 months or so along by then) and it’s from that day on that you’ve been counting out the years. Your birthday is your New Years Day.

So, what am I going to do with my “new year”, you ask? Ah, a very good question! Yes… a verrrrry good question indeeeeeeed. ( Translation: “I have no idea but I’ll make something up fast so I don’t sound stupid and unprepared”) In all truth, I do have some goals made that I honestly intend to accomplish:
– I will finish the third round of revision on my first novel so I can resubmit queries again
– I will finish writing the first draft of my second novel so I can begin to do revision on it
– I will learn to play the ukulele
– I will write and publish on Kindle at least one series of short stories
– I will compile my poetry into a book and get it printed for distribution to family and friends who are bugging me for it
– I will conquer the weeds in at least ONE garden bed
– I will lose 10 pounds and keep it off
– I will spend at least five minutes of every waking hour stretching, moving, looking/going outside, breathing, or in some other way clearing my mind and being away from the computer
– I will sing more often
– I will tell myself I love myself at least once every day

These may not seem to be big goals to some people, to others they may seem like huge goals, to me some of them seem quite daunting and I’m slightly intimidated by them, some of them might seem silly or small to most people but even those to me are substantial with my daily struggles. Not everyone comes from the same place. Not everyone starts with the same strength or the same motivation. For me, these goals are ambitious, to say the least, challenging, and I know once I cross them off I will have a great sense of accomplishment in having achieved them, even if in someone else’s eyes they aren’t a big deal. These are my goals. Mine. And this is my New Year. Wish me luck.

PS: New poetry pages today are “Break the Hourglass”, “Over Sober” and “Denial”


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